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The Inland Empires Expert Solar Panel & Window Cleaning Service.
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Residential Solar Panel Cleaning
Insured Cleaners
Environmentally Friendly Cleaning
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
Available Evenings & Weekends 
- Immediately increase your energy output 10 - 30%. 
- An affordable services with a high return. 
- We use a 4-stage water filtration system, producing a purely spot free surface. 
- Prolonged build up of dust, dirt, grime, and other outdoor pollutants can cause
solar panel browning that permanently lowers efficiency. 
Solar Clean
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Commercial & Residential
Window Cleaning

Residential Window Cleaning

  • Interior and Exterior Window Cleaning Available.

  • Purified water system will have your windows looking crystal clear.

  • Hard water/calcium deposits removal.

  • We offer special detailed cleaning of window screens, window tracks, seals, and frames.

Commercial Window Cleaning

  • We can service tall buildings and store fronts.

  • Water fed pole and purified water system will have your windows looking crystal clear.

  • Hard water/calcium deposits removal.

  • Our specially designed poles and brush heads are able to reach high or hard to get to windows with any amount of dirt or debris.

  • High-pressure jets on our brush heads will loosen & clean almost anything.

Joseph Jouen


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Rain Gutter

What we do

  • Completely remove, bag & haul away all debris.

  • Rinse out & flush gutter troughs.

  • Flow test to ensure gutters are flowing 100%

  • Complete after-cleanup so surrounding property and lawn is left how it was found.

A blocked gutter or down spout can

  • Lead to damaged siding (think mold and mildew),

  • Cause water to pool on concrete or your foundation (freeze/thaw damage, slippery mold and cracking),

  • Cause damage to the gutter itself (resulting fascia damage and roof leaks).

  • Create runoff that can wash away landscaping, cause soil erosion, and kill grass and trees due to over watering

Critter Nesting 2.png

What we do

  • Completely remove and bag all critter infestation.

  • Installation of netting around all panels.

  • Netting looks very clean and is hardly visible.

  • Installation is quick and affordable. 

Did you know

  • Damaged caused by animals isn't covered under any standard contractor warranty.

  • Pests may try to burrow underneath panels and live there, damaging your panels and system's wiring.

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What we do

  • Basic inspection on

    • Solar Panels​

    • Mounting Hardware

    •  Frame Condition

  • Detailed report and photos provided if any maintenance is recommended or required. 

Did you know

Having your solar panels inspected yearly can reassure owners that their system won’t run into any unexpected service issues down the line.

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Pressure Washing &
Soft Washing
- Residential or Commercial Properties
- Pressure wash service for heavy stain removal
- Soft wash service for algae, mildew, bacteria & other organic stains
- No job is to big or to small.
"At Current Solar Services, we are a dedicated professional service company that recognizes the importance of green energy. Keeping your solar investment at its peak efficiency is our top priority." 
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Joseph Jouen


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